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ON THE MONSTRUOSITY OF THE ADDRESS - A portrait looking at you - a quasi anti-landscape

There's a lot lost in translation. We, the big we?

That's why I will say I.

Can one refuse a threat? Lacan states that a gesture of threat is not an interrupted punch. It's a gesture made to be stopped and suspended.

- Isn't it a bit harsh on the arms, if they stay up too long?


It can be about experiences.

Content as capital as John Russell has it.

Like it's not a good idea to go and visit le Louvre when you're lovesick. Maybe because your eyes are too opened. The Dutch, for example and the brutality of their bunches of flowers, it hurts.

And I'm not even talking about physical atrocities.

Like crucifixions, it's quite painful when you think about it.

On the other hands, it's still lives which made me cry the other day. The precision maybe. Physicality for sure...



Are we short of good questions?

(as Peter Schjeldahl has it in a 2001 Frieze issue)

left photo by FA, right: Slim Aarons, Self Portrait with Acropolis, 1955


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