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In 2000 when we entered science fiction, when a lot of people got connected, I never imagined what this form of sharing would create, and what would emerge from so many people being in relation with each other.

What’s happening with images on the web is a new and fascinating phenomenon.

As you may know, I have written a lot about how I found the French questioning of everything that is installed or exhibited as art, tedious, missing the point and as boring as a boring joked explained and re-explained to you…

I’ve no critical point to make here, being still quite dazzled by it – and liking it.

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It’s been a while since art started to “talk about people” and not only about gods, chiefs and their naked women:

Courbet, who made the bourgeoisie enter History and its reserved painting format (even if it was a funeral),

Duchamp, who staged the viewer in a context as what makes the work if art,

Warhol, who brought mass production into art (but not quite the consumers),

Cindy Sherman, with her clichés of identities as well as that of photography,

Jeff Koons, who dresses up money for the ultra-wealthy by the ultra-perfecting of popular imagery 

Hey. "I knew I love you when I started making excuses for the way you hurt me."

Of course this is extremely simplified, incomplete and not that correct. Who knows what pre-historical drawings of buffalos were for?  But take the tumblr below, Linxpriation, take Embrace the Abstract, go to other tumblrs or blogs where images are shared.

A new poetics? Maybe. A classical counterpoint? Maybe too. It’s quite easy to see how it works. It’s not a faith issue. Plenty of images, with more or less visible frames, links, relationships, niceties, deepities, adolescent rooms rebellions, words for interior decoration, underwear on beautiful models, wild landscapes, clean bathrooms, Asian girls fucking, cute cats and dogs, coks, gay bears and daddys, 18+.

Thousands of collections, billions of images circulating.

The same ones, and not quite the same ones. I'm not quite sure what it is doing. Yet.

Images do not seem to be the prerogatives of artists any longer, and the questioning has gone into advertising.

Not quite sure what is happening.

New. Almost. Great.

click on image below to see Embrace the Abstract, tumblr

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